Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in a Hannah Montana Theme

Many girls loved Hannah Montana (when Miley Cyrus was still Miley Stewart), and many girls wanted a bedroom with a Hannah Montana theme. Hannah Montana’s bedroom decor was not always easy to find back then, but to date, it is possible to incorporate colorful bedroom decor with character items when decorating in this once popular bedroom theme, talk about old school design.

The following decorating ideas will help you get started on creating a bedroom that your daughters will surely love.

Begin with Paint

Decorating a bedroom in a Hannah Montana theme should begin with color. Soft pink is an excellent choice, but almost any color can be chosen to highlight this popular theme. Take a look at your child’s Hannah Montana accessories, and select an eye-catching color. If a particular color is too bright, tone it down a few shades but stick to the same hue. These days many paint stores are willing to match any color, and amazingly they are able to match specific hues very closely.

Consider a Fathead

Most people have noticed commercials for Fatheads, but what many people do not realize is that Fatheads are available in more than just sports themes. My daughter’s father decorated her bedroom in a Hannah Montana theme, and he purchased a Fathead that displays the name Hannah Montana in big bold letters. The text is designed in the same colors and style of the popular recognizable logo, and it looks fantastic on the wall above her bed.

Choose Coordinating Bedding

Buying character bedding is not necessary when decorating a girl’s room in a Hannah Montana theme. Instead, choose solid-colored bedding that matches the colors in Hanna Montana accessories used in decorating the bedroom. Also, do not be afraid to layer bedding that does not necessarily go together. Consider layering two comforters of varying colors and sizes for a dramatic decorating scheme. Also, be sure to include numerous throw pillows of various materials and shapes. A star-shaped pillow is ideal when decorating a girl’s bedroom with a Hannah Montana theme, and even if the theme of the bedroom is someday outdated, the bedding can still be used.

Decorate Shelves with Specialty Merchandise

Instead of spending money on Hannah Montana trinkets and specialty decor, decorate the bedroom using shelves decorated with a variety of Hannah Montana merchandise as well as other items of interest. Shop online or visit the toy aisle of your local discount store for Hannah Montana items (could be from old collections by now). Decorating accessories do not have to come from a home decor store to make a room look as if it were professionally decorated, especially a kid’s bedroom since kids are generally easy to please.

Create a Beaded Doorway

When decorating a bedroom in a Hannah Montana theme, consider creating a beaded doorway. Look for strings of beads especially for doorways, and deck the doorway in style. Give it all of the glitz and glamour of room designed especially for a teenage star. A beaded doorway will provide the finishing touches on a bedroom with a Hannah Montana theme and make your daughter feel more special than ever in her own private space.


I know, it’s kind of outdated since the last episode of this successful series was aired in 2011. But the style, the colors and the glitz of this theme will always stay when we talk about what the girls want.

You can ask your kid to look for Hannah Montana on youtube and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna love it, and I’m also sure she’s gonna love it for a bedroom theme. This theme is actually every girl’s fantasy, at least during my time and it never gets old. Having a room that mostly defines their personalities would result in how they represent who they are when they grow up. That is why it is also important to sometimes give it a go and allow your kids to realize a fantasy such as this. DIY tips are readily available online so do not worry about breaking your bank.

— February 5, 2020