Green Tips for Eco-Friendly and Organic Pest Control

Household pests can be a huge problem in practically any home. Whether it’s mice, ants, silverfish, or any other pest, they’re basically a problem that needs to be taken care of. When most people think of pests, they immediately think of ridding them with pesticides. Pesticides can be effective, especially if you want to get rid of pests fast. However, pesticides are packed full of harsh chemicals that can not only be detrimental to pests, but also you and your family (including household dogs, cats, and other pets) as well. The reason these harsh chemicals in pesticides are so dangerous is because they can linger in the air and on surfaces for up to days. With children and pets in the house, this can be a huge issue. So while pesticides are bad for you, there are some good green alternatives that are much safer for your family and much safer for the environment as well.

Traps and cages
Both traps and cages are a great green and eco-friendly alternative to spraying a foam or liquid pesticide. There are so many different traps on the market today that are targeted for just about any pest. Additionally, many of these traps aren’t harmful to the animals either, especially if they’re made to lure in the animals without snapping on them. After catching the pets or animals, you can usually release it outside somewhere far from your home, like a forest preserve. On the plus side, there are many professional services on the market today that will help take care of your pest in a greenway as well. Especially for larger pests, such as raccoons, professionals will use eco-friendly and animal-friendly traps and release the animals themselves.

Natural At-Home Remedies
There are many natural at-home remedies that are actually green, safe, and effective against pests. For ants, you can use citrus oil-soaked string and line their entry-way. Ants hate citrus oil, along with cayenne pepper and coffee grounds. So using any of these common household remedies are great for warding off some bugs. In case you have roaches, you can use catnip. Simply steep catnip like you would tea, but it in a spray bottle and spray it near cockroach activity. Another example is silverfish. These pests tend to be found in warm, moist conditions, such as in bathrooms. You can easily drown silverfish in soapy water by spraying them. Finally, to rid your home of houseflies, you can use crushed up mint leaves and put them into windows and other places where flies usually are, especially your kitchen.

Getting Rid of the Source
One of the most eco-friendly and green alternatives to pesticides is getting rid of the source of your pests, no matter what they are. Many pests are attracted to uncontained food and uncleanly conditions. By keeping your house clean, you can easily rid your home of pests. Additionally, by vacuuming up crumbs and throwing away old food, especially left out food, you can deter most any pests. Additionally, to keep these pests away, you don’t have to necessarily clean every day. You simply have to keep things neat and tidy and use normal eco-friendly and green cleaning products to clean floors, cabinets, and more.

Organic Pesticides
 all the nonorganic and harsh chemical pesticides on the market today, there are also numerous organic pesticides that break down much quicker than their nonorganic alternatives. These days, many certified organic (which is what you should look for) can be found in many stores and online at websites that carry certified organic and other green pesticides. Sometimes green and organic pesticides can be a little pricier, but they’re well worth it for safer after effects, especially if you have pets and small children.

— February 20, 2020