How to Decorate with Towels

If you’ve ever thought that decorating your home is difficult, time-consuming, or expensive… I’ve got some great news for you. One of the most simple ways to decorate – particularly in the bathroom – is done just by using towels.

Now if you don’t have a matching set of towels yet, you will need to spend a small amount of money on these. You can get a set just for decorating though, and usually, you’ll spend less than $20. In some cases, you can get what you want for less than $10.

All you really need is one bath towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth. This is more than enough to get you started. If you want to go a bit fancier though, or you want to try different decorating combinations, try getting two of each instead.

The first choice, of course, is to decide what color scheme or theme you plan to use. Towels and towel sets tend to come in solid colors, and this is actually a bonus for you because it makes it much easier to add coordinates in the future. If you find a set of towels with a specific design, pattern, or picture on them that you just can’t resist though, you can still use those to decorate with. I prefer using solid colors though so that I can mix and match based on my current style preference. You can see examples of how I’ve done this in the pictures of this article.

Now here are some of my favorite ways to decorate the bathroom using a small set of pretty towels:

Hang them artfully from the towel bar. There are variations to how you can hang them, but generally, you spread the bath towel out as the base, or background, then drape the hand towels and washcloths over that in various ways.

You can fold your hand towels into thirds for instance, then drape them side by side on top of the bath towel. Then hang a washcloth in a diagonal position, so the tip of one corner is pointing downwards.


A more straight forward approach, of course, is to simply layer the items on the towel bar. Hang the bath towel first, then the hand towel, then a washcloth. Since their sizes are different, you’ll end up with an automatically tiered look.

Fold and stack them artfully. You can fold and stack your towels in an artful way, and let them be displayed on a nice shelf, the sink counter, or even the back of the toilet or side of the bathtub. It doesn’t really matter where you place them, as long as there is some sort of decorative feel to how you have them folded and arranged.

I like to fold bath towels in thirds, for instance, then do the same with hand towels and put two of them side by side on top of the folded bath towel. I then roll my washcloths and put those on top of the arrangement. These can stand decoratively on their own, or you can add flowers and pretty jars or soaps around them to create a more elegant and upscale look.

— March 2, 2020